Burgee Design

So…what do you think?

Version 1

There has been much discussion over the club’s initials…and therein I have done some versions here:

version 2
version 3
  1. I like Hatteras Sailing or HS ….Club connotation to me is exclusive and I like us to be very inclusive and perceived as open and inviting as much as possible

  2. I like the implications of community sailing, but agree that sailing organization is too wordy to say casually. Hatteras Sailing “club” seems easier to say and FAR less snobby than “Yacht Club” so I find myself often saying Hatteras Sailing Club. The “organization” came from the .org domain extension and really from nothing else.

    I like the burgee without letters to be honest I like how clean it is and since the sailor is an original sketch that I drew myself, we own that icon and the sails in front of it. Because of that, in theory, it could become our “icon” for sure and recognizable as “hatteras sailing”

    I do think we will eventually need letters for the club. This is a standard thing that you will see in most international regattas that the sailors wear their clubs letters on event vests, etc.

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