June 2021 Board Minutes

Call to order 730pm

Attendance – Jay Phillips, Erin Vetter, Nathan Sneed, Chip Hammack, Tater Gaskins

General Discussion

Old Business

  • IRS – Still waiting for 1023ez approval. No one knows how to make this move along
  • Report about Spring Session – Discussion about creating more specialized classes for younger kids
  • Discussion about initiating some Organizational Traditions.
    • Change of Guard Event – Spring
    • Session Start Communal Event
    • Session End Communal Event with Awards, Certificates and Recognitions
  • Discussion about a Hatteras Island Sponsored Sailing Event

Summer Session

To commence on June 19 (Saturday) 

Offering 2 Classes

  • Early 7 – 9 yr old beginners focusing on fun activities, swimming skills and getting accustomed to the boats
  • Advanced  – Kids with several sessions experience who can sail competently upwind

Thoughts on format – program operation

  • 8 person limit per class
  • First Come First Serve
  • Waiting list for overflow demand
  • Promotion needs to begin right away on website, posters, word of mouth, facebook, etc.
  • Sessions Statistics – Important to start logging information about
  • Paid Registrations – Names, Addresses, Emails, Children and Parents Names
  • Number of Youth in Each Class at the beginning
  • Attendance at each class
  • Number of Youth at each class at the end
  • Attrition analysis

Insurance Discussion – Table until further answers are given by the Insurer

Follow up on Borrowed Boats

No list required.  Any boat borrowed and damaged during club related use just needs an email to Chubb or Gowrie about the claim.

Fleet Insurance

Charter Boats can be covered if it is Hatteras Sailing offering the charters, lessons, etc.  No Bareboat Charter only Captained. Non Profit needs to benefit from the Charter Revenue in some way.  Other boats that are Privately Owned and Leased to and used by the Club for Instruction, Programs, Rentals etc. are normal procedure for the policy.

Setting Goals

  • Membership Goal for this year – (I suggest a goal of 20 new members for the year)
  • Sponsorship Goal for this year – ( I suggest a goal of $10,000 in Sponsorships)
  • Youth Participation for this year – (I suggest a goal of 4 classes of 8 each session – total of 32 per session)
  • High School Participation Goal – (Suggest a goal of 4 High School Age Kids)
  • Adult Sailing Program Participation Goal – (Suggest a goal of 6 Adult Sailors for 420 and Hobie 18 Races)
  • Boat Assets Goal – (suggest 5 Working Hobie 18s, 4 – working 420’s, and 12 Optimists in great condition)
  • Coaching Asset Goal – (Club Coaching Boat – 14’ Rib, 4 Nice Race Marks and Anchors)
  • Coaches Goal – (One Lead Coach for Each Class with 2 Helpers for each class)


Board Members were review all the remaining business.  We will have a 2 week push on the Registrations and then move for some motions, seconds, approvals or debate about some of this via virtual communications.

If anyone remembers something that I left out, please send me a note and we will correct the minutes. They need to be voted on and approved a the next opportunity. I will give it a week from today for any suggestions or modifications.

Thanks Chip for the Mixers and fire starter.  Capt Jay for the Rum.  Tater for Chairs and Meg for the Babysitting

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