Membership Fee Classes

Please consider and comment. These are my suggestions.

  • Local Island Full Time Residents – Family Membership $100 per year.
  • Property Owners whose Primary Residence is not in Dare County – $1500 family membership per year
  • Tourists and Visitors who neither live here or own property on Hatteras Island/Dare County – $2500 Supporting Membership

Boat Use for Members, Non Members and Public Rentals

  • Optimists – Use of boats during classes is included in registration fee costs. Use of boats outside of classes is free to registered class participants. Otherwise it is $50 per day for a daily rental for members and $150 per day for non members with a damage deposit of $4000 and a waiver.
  • 420’s – Because these boats are more expensive and complex…. Use of boats during classes is included in registration fee cost. Use of boats is free on Weds night race nights and for regattas, based on first come first serve availability. Otherwise it is free anytime to 420 sponsor members (people who actually bought the boats), $100 per half day to members/$200 half day to public and $200 per day to members and $400 per day to the public.
  • Hobie 18’s usage and rental rates are the same as the 420’s.
  • Club retains 100% of revenues from club owned boats, after the expenses such as instructor pay/checkout person pay etc. Otherwise, privately owned boats split revenues with the club 50/50 after expenses.
  • Youth Instructors – I suggest that we offer a certification program for our youth participants to learn instructor standards and procedures and then be able to make $20 per hour for teaching public lessons and doing checkouts.
  • Adult Instructors – Adult US SAILING Certified Instructors pay needs to be set on a case by case basis.

Please comment on the board post. Comment period is open for 4 days and then we need to vote on a policy so we can start accounting and billing for things properly.

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