MOTION: Promotion of Boat Tours and Rentals by Hatteras Community Sailing

Creating an additional member benefit and revenue channel by offering boat rentals and tours through


A board vote could allow the organization to raise money by renting boats not owned by the organization as well promoting boat tours owned and operated by club members and to permit these owners access to the Fleet Insurance plan so that both the boat owners, marina property owner, tour operators, and boats are properly and economically insured for liability and damage)


  • The Organization establishes a steady and lucrative fundraising channel through boat rentals and charters. Members can all participate in this fundraising channel by referring any leads directly the website to book boat rentals or boat tours.
  • The Organization builds user interaction via e-commerce which build a primary ranking factor continuing to build and grow local search engine ranking placement (SERP) dominance in sailing related search terms
  • HCS build a new and viable channel to attract more boat owning members to the club and offer their boats for club activities such as coaches boat, mark boats, and chase boats
  • Participating members save on the cost of insurance as a membership benefit


Whereas, our Insurance representative, Sara Diaz, with Gowrie Group, confirmed with me that they are able and willing to insure any boating activity offered by Hatteras Community Sailing (The Organization), and

Whereas, fundraising is a necessary part of maintaining, operating and building a successful Community Sailing Program, and

Whereas, local commercial tour operators would be attracted to join The Organization if they could benefit by participating in the group Fleet Insurance Policy, and

Whereas, The Organization members with acceptable boats for a rental program are interested in allowing the Organization to raise money through the rental of their boats, if properly insured, maintained and indemnified from liability, and

Whereas, participating members would benefit by the lower Group Insurance rates and the Organization would benefit by these Owners/Operators paying the Organization the cost of their boat being insured,

I hereby make a Motion, that Hatteras Community Sailing, Inc. offer, through its website, membership and social networking, boat rentals and tours and that these boat owners and tour businesses abide by the following criteria to participate and be marketed as a service of Hatteras Community Sailing…

  1. Participating Boat Owners and Tour Operators be Members of the Organization, in good standing, with no past due bills payable to the Organization
  2. Participating Boat Owners with the specified Watersports Craft or Equipment (Hobie 18’s, Optis, 420’s, FJ’s, Hamptons, Flying Scots, Windsurfing Rigs, Standup Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Kiteboarding Rigs) covenant in a written agreement with The Organization a percentage split of the rental fee of no less than 25% going to the Organization.
  3. Participating Boat Owners with the specified Watersports Craft or Equipment covenant in a written agreement with The Organization to pay 125% of the Itemized Yearly Insurance Expense for their boat or equipment.
  4. Participating Tour Operators agree to pay The Organization 5% of all Gross Reservations/Booking Fees from business obtained/booked through the Hatteras Sailing Website. The Organization will host a Reservation Calendar and Booking Capability Process on its website at in such a way that any reservations and rentals made through the ecommerce website will be easily reportable to the Treasurer, Directors and Membership (Upon Request)
  5. Any Participating Tour Operators or Boat Owners agree to operate in accordance with the Insurance requirements and a safe, responsible and legal method. Failure to do so can immediately result in expulsion from the program and exclusion from the Insurance Plan.

Instructions for discussion and voting

Please use the comments below for all questions, answers, discussion, etc. If you would like to second the motion, please do so in the comments below. We can also take a vote within the comments and that keeps the vote in the official record of this motion.

  1. Hi All,

    I called and discussed this with everyone. I did not get much pushback from anyone, and would like to see if we can do a general consent agreement on it. Absolutely no pressure if you want to discuss it more or have questions or concerns, but if not, lets get our boats insured and ready for fundraising for the club!

    So I call to Approve by General Consent on this, which requires that there be no objections from any board members about the motion. It is written out at the following website address at this link. I will also post this under the Board Business on the website.

    Link to the Proposal and Motion:

    Please acknowledge receipt of this email. If you don’t Object to the General Consent, then you don’t have to do anything other than let me know you have received this email and reviewed the proposal. If no one objects to it by Weds June 23 by noon, then the Motion passes. If you all let me know earlier that you are in favor, or second the motion, then it can be considered a unanimous vote in favor with no objections and I can get the boat coverage bound earlier.

    Call or bring up any questions or concerns in the Board Business Section of our Website. This way it records the discussion for posterity and no one has to do any secretarial work.

    Thank you.

    Jay Phillips

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