420 Purchase – Account Payable

Dear Board Members…

When we made the deal for the 420’s with Hardy Peters, the price was based on 3 boats being purchased together. I reached out and found people who pledged to sponsor the 3 boats. Because one of the Pledges did not contribute as promised, when we got there to get the boats I wrote a personal check for $900 to Hatteras Sailing to cover the difference. I would like to classify this as an Account Payable to Jay Phillips. As registration fees, regatta fees etc. come up, I would like this repaid, as it really stretched our family budget in addition to the other funds and time we donate and volunteer to the organization…. such as the $300 I had to refund a charter guest the night of pickup because the boats were not loaded and ready for pickup, or the travel expense and time to go get the boats in Currituck.

  1. Hatteras Island Air (paid)
  2. OBX Spice Company (paid)
  3. Real Watersports (did not pay)

In summary, it was a great deal for 3 working 420’s with sails, rigging, spinnaker poles and spinnakers, so I think it is great that we were able to get three for the normal price of one. Retail for a new 420 is $8900. We purchased 3 boats and 3 boat trailer for $5750.

Note: the other 2 boats were purchased in total by Meg and I and are technically our boats, plus we have another FJ and 420 Hull in Florida we have paid for personally. The current status of boat ownership/donations is as follows:

  1. Opti #1 – Donated by Dean Waldt. Brian Harris and I donated the cost of pickup and delivery to and from St. Petersburg FL.
  2. Opti #2-#8 – Loaned to us from Colington Yacht Club. They want the boats returned at the end of this Fall Season. So we will need to find more Optis.
  3. 420 #1 – Purchased in full by Jay and Meg Phillips. On loan to the Club as needed.
  4. 420 #2 – Purchased in full by Jay and Meg Phillips. On loan to the Club as needed.
  5. 420 #3 – Funds donated by Hatteras Island Air and then paid for with Hatteras Sailing Check
  6. 420 #4 – Funds donated by Larry McClanahan of OBX SPICE COMPANY and then paid for with Hatteras Sailing Check
  7. 420 #5 – Paid for with funds in Hatteras Sailing Account. $900 loaned to Hatteras Sailing from Jay and Meg because the 3rd sponsor would not respond to us.
  8. Hobie 18 #1 – Purchased by Jennifer Dunleavy and donated to the Club after being purchased. Cost of pickup in Greenville NC donated by Jay Phillips.
  9. Hobie 18 #2-4 – Purchased by partners Geoff Grisham and Jay Phillips. Repairs and equipment needed to put into use
  10. Hobie 18 #5 – Purchased by Jay Phillips and in need of repairs and rigging before it can be used.

MOTION: I move that the board acknowledges that this was a loan and agrees to repay Jay and Meg Phillips back for this unexpected expense of $900. Suggested audit trail for this is that we still make payment for registrations, regattas etc. and the club simultaneously write a check back to us for these fees until the balance is 0.

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