Sep-2, 2021 Letter from Chairman, Jay Phillips

Hi All,

Please note the following and help where you can.

1) Opening day for Fall Session – Saturday 4 – 8 pm.  As much help needed as possible with cleanup,  preparation, food, games, registration paperwork. I will be there all morning Saturday getting ready.  Tater has pledged use of his GRILL.  Meg has organized and scheduled everything.  More hands are needed to make it a fun and successful start to the Fall Session.

2) Insurance Payments – We have successfully raised money for alot of great things but it does not stop there.  We have to pay our insurance bills.  I have paid all the boat coverage costs since my boats are included, but we have the normal payment due now of about 750.00

3) Regatta – We are beginning to get registrations from places like Hampton.  We need a PRO nominated and need to discuss management and organization.  A Regatta Committee would be good.  It needs at least 6 – 10 volunteers.  This is our chance to have a great yearly fundraising event and please remember it is way cheaper to register and race on Hatteras than it is to register, travel, and race in Norfolk, Deltaville, Charleston, Beaufort and Manteo.  And it should be alot of fun.  Sept 24-26

4) MOTION: Request Unanimous Consent to put Chris Syrrist on the Board in place of Bob Moskowitz who is working pretty much full time in VA

5) We continue to have use of the Fish House Property right now at no cost due to contributions by  Phillips Boatworks, Geoff Grisham and others paying the rent payments.  Volunteers would be appreciated to help make the building clean and useful.  

Thank you.
Jay PhillipsChairman – Hatteras Community Sailing

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