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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse One Design Regatta 2021

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NameSail #ClubOverallNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9
Noah Phillips10677Hatteras Sailing46578491145844
Joey Lettieri3Hatteras Sailing465810126754365
Beau Phillips110677Hatteras Sailing6679111113977777
Ella Snead9576Hatteras Sailing839691311131010101010
Connor Hakola6768Hatteras Sailing22431574622221
Max Syrrist711Hatteras Sailing53657671288656
Hunter Wompierski6Hatteras Sailing92106141414141010101010
Mary Margaret Dick18615Hampton Yacht Club8294121012101010101010
Finley Webster12118Hampton Yacht Club11317223411112
Wesley JohnsonUSA 19126Hampton Yacht Club506043211010101010
Tucker JohnsonUSA 19083Hampton Yacht Club485835551010101010
Sophia Lopez22112Hampton Yacht Club4251698836533
Gunner Schilling11564Hampton Yacht Club71841381031010101010
Henry Latell16020Hampton Yacht Club32736111263499
2021 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse One Design Regatta

NameSail #ClubOverall
Sarai Bullock & Parker Doerr3369Hatteras Sailing262154442223
Cami Sedlak & Marissa Liner7Hatteras Sailing453966665556
Nathan Snead & Ella Snead6Hatteras Sailing2201633213314
Noah Phillips & Lana Luckett3003Hatteras Sailing3221812334432
Joey Lettieri & Max Syrrist4004Hatteras Sailing423645556665
Jay Phillips & Beau Phillips6006Hatteras Sailing113921121141
2021 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse One Design Regatta

** The results will be updated in real time, but the race committee reserves 1hr from the last finish of each day to post the results here.