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July 17, 2022 - 07:00 am
Island Heights Yacht Club, NJ, USA

Junior Olympic Festival 2022 (Day 1)

Event Information & Registration

When: Jul 17-19th

Where: Island Heights Yacht Club, NJ

The USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals are NEW for 2022 with an updated format, returning to the original mission to capture the Olympic spirit and introduce youth sailors to their next steps in the sport. Each festival will feature on-water boat demos and on-shore activities for youth racers to experience fast, fun, modern sailing and learn from industry experts.

NOTE: this description is taken from the 2022 Junior Olympic Festival page on Click Here to learn more.

Key Highlights of the Festivals: 

  • Boat demos featuring modern boats and boards 
  • On-shore clinic sessions and activities for youth racers 
  • Modular format gives participants the chance to engage in multiple activities 
  • Parent education on racing pathways, Olympic development, college sailing, and more 

Documents & Registration

Some of the registration links, documents, etc are still to be published by the hosting club.


The Island Heights Yacht Club is located on the Tom’s River in New Jersey

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