Beginner’s Program – Week 3 Lagoon pirates capture the flag

Boat Parts

Chalk Talk

1. Play Game: Swabee, Get to work

  • The captain draws an opti on chalk board, and asks the swabee to “mop” the deck, etc as a fun game to learn the boat parts
  • Point to parts of boat and
  • Kids point to them on it by asking them to do boat chores with the chalk
  • Kiddo who does the most chores correctly gets promoted from swabee to 3rd mate

2. Getting into an opti on the hard

Kids get into an opti on the hard and start to pull lines, work tiller, raise and lower the centerboard learning the parts and operation of the boat while on the grass

Get in the water

Capture the flag (swimming in the sound)

  • swimming practice in the sound through a game of capture the flag
  • just swimming – no boats

Coaches & Volunteers

We need some sort of sawhorses or “stands” to put the Opti on while the kids are on the hard so they can work the centerboard. Please write us here to volunteer and to offer suggestions.

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