Beginner’s Program – Week 4 Bubble Boats & Hidden treasures

Wind Direction and Speed

Chalk Talk

  • What is the wind?
  • can we see the wind? How?
  • How can we talk about wind direction?
    • learning cardinal directions: North South East West
    • If we say a “north” wind, which direction would that be?
  • Upwind vs. downwind

Get in the water

1. Play boat game: Bubble Boats

This is the first week kids will be in the optis in the water, but with no sails. We will tape or affix bottles of bubbles to the boat. Kids will be paired 2 kids to each opti boat.

One kid rows the boat and the other kid uses the bubbles to blow bubbles and watch which way the wind blows the bubbles.

Coaches, Parents, and volunteers help the kids understand the wind direction. What happens when you blow bubbles upwind? When you blow downwind? What about 45 degrees off the wind?

2. Play boat Game: Hidden Treasures

One sailor to a boat, the coaches will set the optis into the lagoon capsized, without a sail. Inside the boat, there is a hidden treasure. The sailor must swim to a boat, right it, and climb into the boat to find the treasure. Kiddos can keep the treasure that they find. Sailors can row back to shore, or swim the boat back by pulling the bow line.

We need volunteers for this session

We need oars for the beginners program so that on windy days we can row instead of sail. Please write us here to volunteer, sponsor oar purchase, or to offer suggestions.

Parent or sibling or volunteer is needed to hold onto the boat and discuss the wind with the kids. So we will need 4 adults, invitational sailors, or volunteers to assist with this beginner session

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