Beginner’s Program – Week 5 Treasure hunters sail for gold

Boat Handling

Chalk Talk

  • Boat part review
  • Wind review
  • How the boat parts and wind work together
    • What happens when we pull mainsheet, push tiller, how can we avoid the boom?
    • Mainsheet
    • Tiller
    • Boom

Get in the water

Treasure Hunters Sailing Game

Kids in boats with sails in light wind (no sails in heavy winds). We will need oars if the winds are heavy. Kids will team up 2 per boat. One to gather the balls and handle the sails and one to use the tiller.

Coaches will spread out 40 tennis balls in the lagoon. Sailors gather as many tennis balls (gold coins) as you can and the boat with the most gold wins.

Play two rounds and have the kids switch positions in the second round of the game.

Sailing De-Brief

Coaches will discuss the sailing with the sailors.

  • Was anyone scared? Did you survive?
  • Where was the wind? How strong was it?
  • Who won the game? Why? How?

We need oars

We need oars for the beginners program so that on windy days we can row instead of sail. Please write us here to volunteer, sponsor oar purchase, or to offer suggestions.

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