Instructor Certifications

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Hatteras Community Sailing will need as many certified small boat instructors as we can get! US Sailing offers hybrid training and certification programs, in which the knowledge portion can be done digitally. Then there is normally some time required with an Instructor Certifier to verify the skills requirements to gain the certification. At the age of 13, if the 14th birthday is in the same calendar year, a Sailing Counselor Certification can be obtained… or anyone older than 14.

To get the US SAILING Small Boat Instructor Certification, applicants must be at least 16 years of age. This program has an online component of 10 days study and knowledge training, plus 2 days with an Instructor Certifier.

I can not encourage anyone enough! There are jobs all over the World for certified instructors and its a load of fun teaching small boat sailing! If anyone is interested in obtaining these certifications, please contact me at

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