Hobie Sails

We need sails for the Hobie Cats

The club has 4 Hobie 18’s for member use which need new sails.  If you are an adult and want to enjoy sailing Hobie 18’s, then please sponsor one of the boats’ refurbishment and commissioning costs.  New Sails are about $1500 per set.  Rigging, painting, trampolines etc can be done on sweat equity or a $1000 – $3000 cash donation depending on the boat and needs of each boat.

Sail logos offer great visibility for corporate sponsors

Get your logos on the sails which get great visibility in all our photography, video, media, social, and sailing events. Once you have a set of sails with your logo, hire the sailors to run a Hobie Cat with your sails on days with the right weather. A fast catamaran screaming down the beach with your logo is a great way to bring diners into your restaurant or shoppers into your store.

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