July 25th, 2021 Race Clinic

Hatteras Sailing hosts a summer session race clinic as the team prepare to sail in the 2021 Manteo One Design Regatta hosted annually by the Maritime Museum.

Sailor Max S. consistently performed well on the race starts with Hunter winning the first start of the day which was his first start ever! The course was long for young sailors with an upwind, downwind, and reaching mark. Noah P and Connor H won most of the races with both sailors consistently finishing in the top three position on most races. Joey L. has perfected the roll tack maneuver which gives him an advantage with the other sailors in lighter wind conditions. Our youngest invitational sailor, Beau Phillips, finished the day with the third overall best performance.

Two of our intermediate team sailors were invited to join the clinic. These two young sailors were thrown into the mix with much more experienced sailors, and both performed very well. For both, it was their first day of sailboat racing. It was a long and challenging set of short races with wind shifts and variable wind conditions. The last two races of the day, after lunch, were run in exciting, higher wind conditions from 15-18 knots with small gusts. Hunter W. showed exceptional strength of character and endurance. Great job, Hunter.

Sailor Ella S. powered through the higher wind upwind legs and made immense improvement in her race tactics and upwind sailing skills throughout the day. Ella sailed back to the marina upwind through Mill creek with perfect upwind angles and a confident posture. She moved through her tacks and boat as she crossed the canal back and forth like a pro. Showing amazing improvement in just one day, the coaching team are excited to promote Ella from the intermediate team onto the Invitational Sailing Team. Congratulations, Ella S.

Congratulations to all the sailors who participated in this race clinic. We all learned so much and improved our sailing skills and knowledge of race strategy, tactics, boat handling, and starts. Great job! Special thanks to Outer Banks Kiting for the Amazing Prizes which ranged in value from a Helley Hansen inshore foul weather jacket to some really cool hats and other gear.

The coaching team is looking forward to a good performance at the Manteo Regatta this coming weekend. Hatteras sailing will have 7-8 sailors participating in the Opti Green class. We invite everyone to come to the Manteo Regatta and cheer on your teammates and fellow Hatteras Sailing members.

Race Results

SailorSail #totalnet12345
Noah P106778622211
Beau P110677161016434
Ella SNA292275665
Hunter W838306
Max S622145414
Joey L3201543553
Connor H957611831322

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