Saturday 11/21 Sailing at Avon Pier

This Saturday is predicted to be in the 60’s with light SW winds and sunshine. For a change of pace, I am thinking that we could meet at Avon Pier and enjoy sailing a bit in the Ocean and Beach.

Boat Setup will be at 8 am due to the fact we need to relocate the boats. We need volunteers to help load them in a trailer and roll over to Avon Pier.

First Class is the same as last week and will start at 10 am at Avon Pier.

There will be no 2nd Class. Teens are pretty much done as very few have shown over the last 2 weeks. But anyone who still wants to come and enjoy, is welcome to participate in the morning, mid day or afternoon.

Second Class will be at Noon tomorrow at Avon Pier. Any kids who are in soccer and who can not make it at noon are welcome to come after soccer is over. We will have some parents and the boats still at the beach until sunset.

Surf and wind conditions should be very light and small…. it should be fun! Ocean water is generally a bit warmer than Bay water when there is a cold snap like this past week.

See you tomorrow! Fair Winds!

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