Successful Fall Sailing Weekend Program A

Early Elementary Age Group

We are so excited for a successful full program for our 2-3rd Grade Age Juniors. They will meet for the next several weeks on Saturday at the Avon Boat House and Marina on Bonito Rd at 11:30 am. The program runs for 2 hours each Saturday and will include chalk talks, sailing time, and all around fun in the water for the kids. Parents are welcomed to stay and have fun and help out also! Our 2020 Program Participants include:

  1. Anders Vetter
  2. Riley Gaskill
  3. Beau Phillips
  4. Asher Kogut
  5. Fletcher Forrest
  6. Logan Hartigan
  7. Lacy Hartigan

Week 3 Notes

On our 3rd week, the kids were introduced for the first time to the Optimist One Design, which is the boat that Hatteras Sailing will be getting for this age group. Kids learned how to setup and break down the boat. The learned how to use the hiking straps and that they will need to excersize their abs! Although it was very windy, we were able to take them out into the lagoon and canal to show them how to sail upwind first. If they did ok with this, then we progressed into sailing the boat out into the lagoon and back. The kids also learned how to capsize and right the boat and keep sailing.

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