Summer Sailing Schedule

Summer sailing Schedule is finalized! If you are not signed up…better get on it today please!!! We are trying to prepare attendance roles, etc. Thank you.

Sunset Fridays

Adults, members, parents, juniors, family, friends…Let’s sail on Friday’s.

Everyone is invited to take out a boat and celebrate our beautiful sunsets. If you have a boat (power or sail), let’s take them out for a sunset celebration each Friday until it gets too cold.

Special Events & Regattas

We are planning some regattas and special events this summer and fall season. All sailors are invited to participate, and if you feel up to the challenge and there are enough boats. Invitational sailors will have first priority on boats – then intermediate – then beginner. More details to follow as we fill out the schedule.

There is a special Jr. Olympic Sailing Event in Hampton on July 9th, 10th, 11th. Intermediate and Invitational sailors are invited. More details will follow regarding travel arrangements, cost, etc. Please refer to the regatta calendar for more details:


As always, please be prepared to work around the weather. Mid-week practice is encouraged for all age groups and required for the Invitational team.

Beginner Sailing

When: 9am Saturdays

Where: Mariner’s Cove Marina

Beginner Sailing 9am will meet at the marina unless otherwise stated in the program plan. Please refer to the program plan for weeks that involve the whole family.

Meg Phillips and Dave Rose will be leading the beginner program with assistance by other members of the club.

Intermediate Sailing

When: 1pm Sunday

Where: Mariner’s Cove Marina

Intermediate sailing will meet at the marina unless it is a special event week or otherwise stated in the program plan (to be published by Saturday). Intermediate team is encouraged to practice mid-week.

Nathan Snead is the Head Coach of Intermediate sailing with Coach Bob assisting.

Invitational Team (advanced)

When: 4pm Sunday

Where: Mariner’s Cove Marina

Invitational sailing will meet at the marina Sunday at 4pm, and at least once and / or more times through the week. Members are encouraged to volunteer for helping with chaperoning and rides, etc for the team.

Jay Phillips is the head coach of the invitational team with Coach Bob assisting.

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