Hobie 18 Morning Half Day

4hr Hobie 18 Rental

Start Time: 8:00 am

Duration: 4 hours

$50 Checkout is required on your first rental. (click here to add that to your reservation)


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Boat Rental FAQs

Do I need to have a lesson before I can rent a boat?

If you are an experienced sailor in the class of boat you are renting, you can take the boat out without a lesson. However, we do require that you sail with one of our instructors for a skills checkout. This is a 30 minute checkout and is required on your first rental in each class of sailboat.

What is a skills checkout? What if I fail the skills check?

The instructor will ride along for around 30 minutes and observe you sailing upwind, downwind, tacking, jibing in the conditions of your rental.

What about weather?

Each sailboat class has a wind range for rental (check the product details on the specific rentals). The instructor on duty reserves the sole right to decide if the wind is too strong for your rental. All rental fees are refundable due to weather cancellation. However, we will try to get you out on the water during your stay on Hatteras and we ask that you are flexible to work with us to re-schedule you due to inclement weather. For this reason, we only take a small reservation fee, and charge the final balance closer to your rental so the forecast is more accurate.

Does the skills checkout happen before, after, or during my rental?

During your rental, at the beginning.

If I did the skills checkout last year do I need to do it again?

Our club must have a checkout on record for you in each class sailboat that you want to rent. But, once you’ve checked out on that class, you are not required to do that again.

What happens if I am late returning?

Since we rent in scheduled blocks of time, we ask that you keep a good eye on the time and come back on time. if you cause another rental to be cancelled you may be asked to pay a late return fee equivalent to the rental you misplaced.

What happens if I am late arriving?

You will be able to sail to the end of your rental duration, but we cannot extend your rental into another rental window. In other words, you lose that time.

What is the difference between a lesson and a rental?

Our instructors earn between $40-100 per hour depending on the instructor. If you would like an instructor to coach you and sail with you for the duration of your sail, book a private lesson instead of a rental.

Boat Rental Terms

Boat Damage

Our instructors will check the boat’s condition before you sail away. If the equipment is damaged during your sail, we may ask you to reimburse the club for parts, repairs, etc. Hatteras Sailing understands that there is a certain amount of wear and tear and accidental damage that just happens. However, we reserve the right to make a judgement call on severe damage events.

Please understand that we are a community sailing organization and these boats belong to the locals in the Hatteras Sailing club. We are primarily a youth sailing program designed for the local kids on Hatteras. That means that we have limited resource and expect you to treat us and our equipment with respect – for the kids!


You agree to hold Hatteras Sailing harmless, and understand that sailing is a dangerous sport. We ask that you sign a liability waiver before sailing with Hatteras Sailing.

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