2022 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
One Design Regatta

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse One Design Regatta Registration

2nd Annual Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Sailing Festival

A celebration of the beauty and history of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Enjoy legendary surfing and sailing amid jaw-dropping views of the East Coast’s most iconic lighthouse. This memory making festival weekend is jam-packed full of sailing, surfing, great food, and top notch entertainment. Check out the schedule for sunset sails, surfing, beach bonfire party, sailboat racing, a band party, & a low country boil.

All events and racing are open to the public – Hatteras Islands locals and visitors are welcome. Please come out and help us celebrate the beauty and history of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Learn a little about competitive sailing, and cheer on your local Hatteras Sailors.

The weekend’s festivities are being hosted by Frisco Woods Campground. Reserve a cabin, tent sites, or RV site and enjoy the full service facilities including a pool, pavilion, and more. Other lodging options are available. This is the perfect end-of-season regatta getaway weekend designed with something for everyone. Adults and juniors are invited to participate in all the fun activities.

Register for all sailing festival activities

Dairy Queen Avon / Waves
Whiskey In My Shoes
Third Stone Graphics
Latell & Ailsworth Sailmakers

Parties, Swag, Food, & Fun

All the fun is open to the public. Please come out and support our local sailors, learn more about the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and have a blast. All proceeds benefit the local community sailing program here at Hatteras Community Sailing. You do not need to be a member to attend, join in, watch the racing, or join the parties.

Friday Activities

Saturday Activities

Sunday Activities


Racing Registration

Register for everything with a registration bundle. You can add dinner tickets, extras, and shirts for your family members by just buying those things separately from above. If you want to register for just sailing only, that option is available on the class registration page.

Early registration ends Aug-20, 2022

Registrations after Sep-10, 2022 are non-refundable

Registration closes Sep-22, 2022 at midnight.

So What’s In The Bundle?

  • Sailing Registration
  • Regatta Sweatshirt
  • Ice Cream Treat at the Bonfire
  • Sat Breakfast Wraps, fruit, juice, coffee
  • Sat Pizza Lunch
  • Sat Low Country Boil
  • Sat Band Party & Bottomless Pint
  • Sun pastry, fruit, juice, coffee

Don’t see your class ?

If you are interested in opening another class, please complete the waiting list form here and when 5 boats come together we will open that class registration.

Multihulls are great!

We will have a multihull triangle course for the Hobie 18s, and Hatteras is a particularly fun place to race multihulls. Our courses are not suitable for boats drafting over 3 feet draft.

Monohulls are tough!

We have a shallow cruising ground so, if you are eager to race your monohulls, they need to be very shallow draft…less than 3 feet for this regatta.

Don’t have a boat to sail?

Charter one of our extra C420 and Optimist sailboats during our hosted events.

Request a new class

Complete this form and be sure to tell us if you are able to bring more than one boat. We ask 5 in a class before we can open the class.

    Registrations & Results

    Club 420

    Skipper / CrewSail #ClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10NetRanking
    Sarai Bullock (s)
    Maddie Ballard (c)
    3369Hampton (HYC)5132(7)23311211
    Noah Phillips (s)
    Max Syrrist (c)
    Bow 4Hatteras (HCS)99(12)8655724556
    Toby Fleckenstien (s)
    Matt Fleck (c)
    Crab 7Manteo789410122DNF(DNS)589
    Sawyer Fleckenstien (s)
    Sarah Marshall (c)
    Dagney Finger (s)
    Nevan Brookins (c)
    0401Carolina Yacht Club (CYC)1313141413DNFDNSDNSDNS(DNS)12713
    Ryden Jarvis (s)
    Sam Warner (c)
    9068Carolina Yacht Club (CYC)121211(12)47989108212
    Johnathan Clubbs (s)
    Carter Trowbridge (c)
    7New Bern ETYSA12411(8)6443262
    Emma French (s)
    Fiona Sommers (c)
    35New Bern ETYSA1051(11)267687524
    Dylan Barbour (s)
    Wesley Barbour (c)
    51New Bern ETYSA36733(DNF)91168568
    Howard Maye (s)
    Aiden Hansen (c)
    1861New Bern ETYSA411105(11)41132413
    Chase Fidgeon (s)
    Izzy humphreys (c)
    11New Bern ETYSA113610(12)1010101097910
    Owen O’rourke (s)
    Colin Jee (c)
    3RTP High School Sailing2487511(11)955567
    Lottie Pare (s)
    Audrey Drabenstott (c)
    2RTP High School Sailing875(9)834576535
    Mimi Pare (s)
    Tori Pare (c)
    1RTP High School Sailing61026998DNFDNS(DNS)8011


    Skipper / CrewSail #ClubDivisionR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9NetRanking
    Beau Phillips10677HatterasGreen4214(DNF)233322
    Seaton Hawpe8594HatterasGreen910101146646567
    Ellis Gaskins16454HatterasGreen8849DNFDNSDNSDNSDNS7710
    Katarina Penosky8HatterasGreen11ocs1110RDNSDNSDNSDNS9211
    Ford Sumner16743Hatteras – (Team Ocracoke)Green737755555425
    Gunner Shilling11564HYCGreen3562RDNSDNSDNSDNS648
    Mary Margaret Dick9818HYCGreen5985RDNSDNSDNSDNS759
    Madeline Oubre33HYCGreen1079823462414
    Xavier Assis1455HYCGreen11211111181
    Madeline Montheith22414HYCGreen26363 OCSDNSDNSDNSDNS566
    Jacob Oubre111HYCGreen6453DNF4224303