420 Team Program Plan

420 Team Program

Coaches: Head coach is Coach Mak assisted by Coach Ian

Ready to Race!

420 race team is for our kids who have been sailing in opti and are now too big and are ready to move up boat sizes. Or for our older kids who are new to sailing. Each Monday will have a specific focus that we will build upon each week. On Fridays, we will have a combined practice with the opti racers. This will be a dedicated race day. We will keep score over the 6 weeks and there will be a prize for the winner at our end-of-session party! Crew pairing will change as the coaches figure out what skill level everyone is at. And what makes the most sense for both people in the boat to be the most successful. Hopefully, we can introduce trapeze and spinnaker early in the summer. We need to have a good foundation before we add trap and a 3rd sail. If this is something you are passionate about learning please talk to Coach Mak.

Each week we’ll work on different skills, and how they help sailing on the water.

  • 420 Capsize Recovery
    Steps for C420 Capsize Recovery Step Skipper Crew 1. Loudly “I am okay. Are you okay?” Loudly “I am okay. Are you okay?” 2. “I am okay” “I am okay” 3. Crew swims to the head of the mast and holds it on shoulder while treading water. Loudly says “I’ve got the mast” 4.. Skipper… Read more: 420 Capsize Recovery
  • 2024 Interscholastic Sailing Season
    OBX NOW HAS HIGH SCHOOL SAILING! Sailing is a lifelong adventure like no other. Hundreds of kids from all across North Carolina are participating … and now so can you. Open to 8-12th graders from First Flight, Manteo, Hatteras, Ocracoke, and Homeschools => Last year Hatteras Community Sailing and Colington Yacht Club leadership worked together… Read more: 2024 Interscholastic Sailing Season
  • 2023 Regatta Schedule
    2023 Regattas Chartering Club Boats for Regattas Travel regattas are optional to all sailors. 420 Race Team partnerships will be managed at the sole discretion of the coaches. Club boats are reserved for HCS race teams and members for all regattas. There is no fee for chartering an HCS club boat for local or travel… Read more: 2023 Regatta Schedule
  • 420 Team Week 1
    Week 1 Show me what you know! Today is the only day you don’t need to be rigged by 2! Today we will be going over everything you know. The coaches are going to be the students and the students are going to be the coaches. This way we can design a program for the… Read more: 420 Team Week 1
  • 420 Team Week 1 Island Party
    Week 1 Friday Island Party All kids, parents, siblings are invited Let’s have a party to kick off the Summer Fun! Plan is to sail two Stilettos and take the powerboats out to the graveyard island for a swimming party with snacks and fun games. Kids sail their boats, Parents sail on the big boats
  • 420 Team Week 2
    420 Week 2 Right of way No one loves rules, but they keep us safe and our equipment in better shape. This week we will go over the rules of the road and how they keep us safe!
  • 420 Team Week 3
    420 Week 3 sail trim To sail properly we have to be able to trim our sails in relation to where we are to the wind this week we will focus on how to trim our sails in relation to the wind. And how to trim and ease your sails together.
  • 420 Team Week 4
    420 Week 4 boat handling This week we are shaking off the dust and putting in the work. Whether you’re new to boat handling or can roll tack like a pro. We will spend this week focusing on how to drive the boat with our bodies and make the most out of maneuvers.
  • 420 Team Week 5
    420 Week 5 speed We have a need for speed! Who does not like to sail fast! This week we will be working on sailing fast in a straight line on all points of sail.
  • 420 Team Week 6
    420 Week 6 starting To be a successful sailboat racer you have to be able to start even or ahead without being over. We are going to focus on how to start and get off the line