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Hatteras Community Sailing is set up as a nonprofit organization under the US Sailing Community Sailing program. Hatteras Sailing Organization (Hatteras Sailing) is a member-based organization, open to all, created to encourage sailing and competitive opportunities for our Island Youth. Hatteras Sailing is a nonprofit community organization focused on inclusion of youth and adults who have a desire to learn more about our Island’s wonderful natural assets!

Please spread the word to local and regional business owners who share our passion for seeing our youth on the water! Some businesses out there are actually looking for worthwhile programs like Hatteras Sailing Organization to donate an annual community support budget. Now is a great time to reach out to any local or global business interested in youth health education that sponsors active and educational programs like ours.

Hatteras Sailing is a US Sailing Community Sailing program and falls under the protections and assurances of US Sailing.

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Specific Sponsorship Opportunities

We have listed the most pressing needs and tagged each one as needing time or donation. Please take a look at each of the sponsorship opportunities to see how you can help. The club needs folks who can volunteer and also corporate and private donations to address some of the immediate and specific needs of the club. We have around 20 – 30 local youth sailors from ages 5 – 16 actively involved each session. The kids are leaning independence, self-sufficiency, weather, seamanship, and more.

Please feel free to comment on any of these items and we will respond right away to answer any questions that you have.

  • Sailing Gear – team spirit, safety, and competition
    Parents have asked about sailing specific gear. Here are some images, etc. Phillips BoatWorks (pHB) is a supplier for the leading manufacturer of dinghy sailing gear. If the club wants to put together an order, we can get some gear at competitive pricing. We can put together pricing as we get an order… PFD (life […]
  • 420 Sailboats — Thank you to our sponsors
    UPDATE: Three of our local business sponsors have bought these boats for club use! Thank you to these sponsors: Dairy Queen UPDATE Jan 3, 2022 Success! Hatteras Sailing has a total of 5 One Design 420’s for its program. Thank you sponsors – OBX SPICE CO., Hatteras Island Air, Phillips Boatworks, Dairy Queen, and MSP […]
  • Optimist Sailboats
    We are borrowing boats right now.  It will not last forever.  We need to buy some of our own boats.   $1500-2000 usually will cover the cost of a used optimst as we can find them coming on the market. You can sponsor part of a boat, or equipment with the earmarked sponsorship (just remember to note […]
  • FJ Repairs
    Our FJ, very close to the 420 and useable synonomously with a 420, needs fiberglass work, rigging, and new sails.  Sponsoring this boat cost about $1000 or a lot of sweat equity.
  • Opti Optimization!
    We would like to patch up the Optis on loan from Colington. We need to accumulate an inventory of correct running rigging and hardware for replacement parts and damage, get some new sails ($140 each for 8 boats) and replace leaking bladders in the boats.  Time is also needed to help with the repairs and […]
  • Hobie 18 Launch Skids
    Once the marina docks are safe and debris is cleared, the club needs to make portable PT Lumber skid ramps for the Hobie 18’s to stay over the water and be easy to launch. est. $200 per boat in materials plus volunteer time to get them built.
  • Hobie Sails
    We need sails for the Hobie Cats The club has 4 Hobie 18’s for member use which need new sails.  If you are an adult and want to enjoy sailing Hobie 18’s, then please sponsor one of the boats’ refurbishment and commissioning costs.  New Sails are about $1500 per set.  Rigging, painting, trampolines etc can […]
  • Marina dock repairs
    Critical for safety We need a donation of at least $1000 plus 4 workers to rent the equipment and remove all marina debris from the water. Coach Jay has done some legwork on the equipment rental pricing and bare bones needs and you can contact him directly if you are interested in helping. To earmark […]
  • Sailing Bootie and Wetsuit Bank
    This is a big safety need for our kiddos The kids need sailing boots to protect their feet from the oyster shells and debris in the sound. Each pair is quite expensive new, but it is very unlikely that the kids will wear them out as they are growing quickly at this age. If you […]
  • Hobie De-lamination Repairs
    Help get the Hobie 18s ready to sail Several of the boats need a person with carpentry skills and some fiberglass experience to help correct soft spots on Hobie Hulls.  Coach Jay can instruct on the process and help if you pledge to come to the Phillips Boatworks shop while I am there to get […]
  • 420 Sailboat pick up
    Boat in Clearwater Florida Jay and Meg Phillips have purchased another 420 the club can user, but it needs to be picked up in Clearwater Florida. We need 2 people to run there with a trailer and bring this boat back up to Hatteras so the bigger kids have enough boats in the 420 class.
  • Coaching Boat
    The organization could greatly benefit from a Center Console Rib.  The inflatables are soft and don’t cause damage to the dinghys or vice versa.  Anticipate up to $20k for a good used Noverania, Carib, etc brand RIB thats not a headache to keep working. Rigid Inflatables are the boat of choice because the inflatable rubber […]
  • Boat Rack
    We have some lumber for a boat rack to be built to hold the small boats/optis.  Need some workers to assemble it. If you can spare a few hours after work or early morning on Saturday, the boats really need to be stored in a rack and out of the way of the parking and […]

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