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Hatteras Community Sailing is set up as a nonprofit organization under the US Sailing Community Sailing program. Hatteras Sailing Organization (Hatteras Sailing) is a member-based organization, open to all, created to encourage sailing and competitive opportunities for Island’s Youth and Adults. Hatteras Sailing is a nonprofit community organization focused on inclusion of youth and adults who have a desire to learn more about our Island’s wonderful natural assets.

Please spread the word to local and regional business owners who share our passion for seeing our youth on the water. Now is a great time to reach out to any local or global business interested in youth health education that sponsors active and educational programs like ours. Hatteras Sailing is a US Sailing Community Sailing program and falls under the protections and assurances of US Sailing and is a registered 501(3)c not for profit corporation.

Student Sailing Scholarships

Student scholarships go directly towards student tuition or participation fees. The scholarships are directly applied to a particular student’s participation or tuition for a particular event and are the same price as the parents pay for students who do not need a scholarship.

Scholarships are requested on a ‘need’ basis but are awarded on merit. A parent or student applies for scholarship when they need it, and the coaches and program director award to the sailor(s) based on merit and character if fewer scholarships are provided than requested. Sailing is a costly sport for parents Travel and gear are expensive. Providing a scholarship enables students to sail who otherwise could not.

Regatta Sponsorships

Hatteras Community Sailing hosts two annual regattas, one in the spring and one in the fall. These sailing festival events attract sailors from the Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake regions. The regattas are a primary fundraising channel for our organization, and the sailing events are a triple-fold benefit to Hatteras Sailing and our local community here on Hatteras Island:

  • Bring visitors in shoulder season
  • Provide local sailing competition opportunities for Hatteras Sailors
  • Raise money for Hatteras Sailing’s operating expenses

Sustaining Memberships

Hatteras Sailing offers sustaining memberships for $100 per month which come with attractive benefits including access to our boat ramp, land storage, and available water storage. Members accrue 1hr of coaching each month of membership and discounts on coaching and regatta registration. Sustaining members are eligible to sit on the board of directors and help sustain the growing sailing community here on Hatteras Island.

  • access to land storage
  • use our boat ramp
  • access to water storage when available
  • discounts on regattas and sailing
  • crew opportunities on enrolled boats
  • eligibility to sit on the board of directors

To learn more about becoming a sustaining member, click here.

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    Hatteras Sailing is a sponsor and member supported organization. Thank you to all our local business and individual sponsors.