Hatteras Community Sailing Sponsorships

Support Hatteras sailing through sponsorship

Hatteras Community Sailing is setting up as a nonprofit organization. We anticipate the IRS Approval to come through in a few weeks, if not less, for the 501(3)c status. This makes all Sponsorship Funding fall under the charitable tax deduction. While not tantamount, it is nice if supporting individuals and businesses can deduct their support on their tax returns.

Kids need boats

Currently, the club is borrowing boats from Colington Yacht Club.

We need our own set of boats for the kids to learn properly and in the warmer months. We also need facilities Maintenance and Lease, and other administrative needs. Currently all instruction and administration is volunteer.

Most Pressing Needs

Our biggest need for the start of the program is for Optimists One Designs and 420 Team Boats. The organization would thrive with its seasonal programs with a fleet of 10 optimists and 10 420’s. The Olympic class boats will be in the cross hairs in a few seasons once the kids have mastered these less expensive training boats first.

Boat Types and costs

  • New Optimist – $3500
  • Used Optimist – $2000 (based on availability)
  • New 420 – $9700
  • Used 420 – $3500 (based on availability)
  • New Nacra 17 Olympic Class Catamaran – $36,000
  • New Nacra 15 Training Catamaran – $18,000

Become a sponsor

As 2020 comes to a close, please spread the word to local and regional business owners who share our passion for seeing our youth on the water! Some businesses out there are actually looking for worthwhile charities to contribute and many need the write off on their books before the end of the fiscal year….. so now is the perfect time to make the need go viral!

Learn More

If you are interested in sponsoring Hatteras Sailing, please get in touch here and we will get back to you and discuss options.

Have a sponsorship question?

Please get in touch with us using the form below. We are really quick to respond. Thank you.