Fancy new bathhouse / toilets for the sailing center

Thank you to our sponsors for a safe and clean new bathhouse!

Without our sponsors coming together, this would not be a reality for our sailing center. Please join me in thanking them!

Given the state of the building at the Sailing Center, it was our goal over the winter 2022 to find a way to have nice outdoor facilities for showers and toilets. We were able to find a large;clean; multi-stall; ready-made; pre-built bathhouse. This thing is huge, well enclosed, lifted up off the ground and perfect for the Sailing Club’s needs well into the next 3-5 years. There are stalls for the toilet/sink, empty stalls for storage, and a stall for showering. It will be delivered to the Sailing Center this weekend on March 5th well before the season begins!!! This bathhouse is large enough to house the lifejackets, toilets, and provide a nice shower for visiting sailors and coaches 🙂 This is a huge blessing. We now have a nice coach’s office and a nice bathhouse —> so we have everything we need at the facility for the sailing center so that our sailors and coaches never need to enter the old fish house building.

Our youth sailing sessions will be safer and easier to manage for the sailors and coaches.

Bathhouse Outbuilding Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McClanahan

Mr & Mrs. Gerry Linder

Mr & Mrs James Beard

Thomas & Karen Kraley

Ann &