420 Sailing: Lessons, Sailing Camp, Regattas

How to learn to sail 420? How do you get better at 420 Sailing? Where can you practice 420 Sailing in heavier wind? Come to Hatteras Island and practice, practice, practice with certified coaches and experienced skippers and crew. Hatteras Sailing offers 420 Sailing Camps and 420 Sailing Lessons all summer long. If your sailing club wants to organize a workshop or clinic, Hatteras Sailing can make that happen easily. We’ve got boats, coaches, support boats, and everything you need to have a fantastic 420 Sailing Clinic.

  • Learn Better 420 Sailing
  • Get Comfortable with 420 Sailing in higher winds
  • Have Fun Sailing 420
  • Meet other teens and adults who are interested in 420 Sailing