Coach’s Shed


Est Time: ~20 hrs each

Volunteers Needed: up to 10 needed

Coach Mak’s Office (Tiny House) is not ready. She is here.

We have 7 days to get this ready! We need skilled construction labor!

Liner’s are coming home soon. If you didn’t know, Coach Mak our new head coach is here on Hatteras….but her tiny home office is not ready. The Liner’s have kindly offered her thier home while they are away off island. They will be home soon on the 12th.

Our coaches need to focus on getting the fleet ready, networking, the camp curriculum, sailing schedule, etc. Coach Ian is very good at building tiny houses. Coach Mak is better suited to prepping for season. If you or anyone you know is interested or able to help us out, we can offer sponsorship advertising and possibly even find a sponsor for your time. Please spread the word and help if you can.

What needs to be done?

Basically everything. Jay and Ian have been working tirelessly, but the infrastructure of the shed was more rotten than expected causing a really big slippery slope of “more needed” than what was expected. Please help if you can.

Outside Shed

  • finish getting siding up
  • check and repair roof problems
  • build deck
  • build pergola

Inside Shed

  • subfloor
  • drywall
  • install kitchen
  • paint
  • decorate
  • furniture

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