Coach’s Shed

We have 7 days to get this ready! We need skilled construction labor! Coach Mak our new head coach is here on Hatteras….but her tiny home office is not ready. Jay and Coach Ian have worked tirelessly, but the infrastructure of the shed was more rotten than expected causing a slippery slope of “more needed” than what was expected.

Hobie Cats

Est. Time: 80 hrs per boat Volunteers Needed: 4  boats Dollars: up to $2000 per boat Help! C’mon y’all, let’s get these boats sailing this summer. The Hobie 18s will be so much fun to race and cruise when they are ready. Adults, Teens, Young Adults: This is for you! We bought the Hobie Cats […]

Opti Optimization!

We would like to patch up the Optis on loan from Colington. We need to accumulate an inventory of correct running rigging and hardware for replacement parts and damage, get some new sails ($140 each for 8 boats) and replace leaking bladders in the boats.  Time is also needed to help with the repairs and […]

Hobie Sails

We need sails for the Hobie Cats The club has 4 Hobie 18’s for member use which need new sails.  If you are an adult and want to enjoy sailing Hobie 18’s, then please sponsor one of the boats’ refurbishment and commissioning costs.  New Sails are about $1500 per set.  Rigging, painting, trampolines etc can […]