Learn To Sail: Flying Scot

Essential Sailing Knots We will review these in class and talk about when to use each of these. https://hatterassailing.org/learn-to-sail/essential-sailing-knots/ Points of Sail We will review these again in class. Second link for points of sail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr0un8fR6Vc This is so important that I am going to send you a few videos just to diversify the explanations […]

Sailing Upwind and Tacking

It is very easy on a sailboat, windsurfer, or even a kiteboard to be taken downwind so far that you have a miserable experience trying to get back to where you started. Once you learn how to sail upwind correctly and efficiently, sailing becomes much more enjoyable, if for no other reason, you can feel […]