Hobie Cats

Est. Time: 80 hrs per boat

Volunteers Needed: 4  boats

Dollars: up to $2000 per boat

Help! C’mon y’all, let’s get these boats sailing this summer.

The Hobie 18s will be so much fun to race and cruise when they are ready.

Adults, Teens, Young Adults: This is for you! We bought the Hobie Cats to seed the club with a boat that is fun to sail from the ocean and the sound. They are great for adults, families, teens, and young adults. These club boats are just sitting (kind of a waste) until we can pitch in as a club and get them ready to sail.

The Hobie Cats are also really great for rentals which help to raise money for travel sailing, etc through rentals and lessons. Please help us get them ready for sailing this season.

How much time?

One of the boats is in better shape with more rigging, etc than the other boats. This is the first boat we will work on. It needs sails, but the hulls are in better shape.

How much money?

Every boat needs sails. New sails for a Hobie 18 start at around $1500 from a sail shop that specializes in sails for this particular boat.