Congratulations to Hatteras Community Sailing

501(c)(3) Status Is Approved

Congratulations to Hatteras Community Sailing

Special Thanks to Gerry Linder

Back in 2020 when Jay Phillips and a group of other parents launched Hatteras Community sailing, we initiated the non-profit status through the EZ Form. In true DIY fashion, Jay completed the short form answering the questions honestly, but also having very little idea how quickly the organization would grow or any history filing such forms. That first filing was rejected and we have been on a 3 year journey trying to get established as a IRS approved non-profit.

During the 2022 season, Gerry Linder took on the project and helped the organization go through the long form process. It is a tedious and very labor intensive process. While there is some tedium involved, the process helped our organization better define some boundaries, procedures, and refine the specifics of our mission. All in all we are very grateful to Gerry for his help and grateful to finally have the proper status for fundraising.

Please take a minute to review our current sponsorship and scholarship opportunities and learn how you can support our mission here at Hatteras Community Sailing: