How can kids learn to sail?

Learning is a progression, and sailors learn more than just sailing.

Thanks so much for registering your kids for Summer Sailing! Hatteras Sailing Coaches and organizers are committed to a fun and effective teaching method using the latest and best from US SAILING.

Learning to sail in steps and stages

There is a logical and important “Progression” of learning, where students start with basic foundational knowledge and skills and then progressively move forward to more complicated skills. Parents, please do all you can to be sure your children don’t miss classes! It’s really tough for your kids to be successful at this if they miss important skills and practice as the coaches work hard to move the class up the ladder ( i.e. progressive skills depend on mastering the prerequisite skills).

If you do have to miss a class, it is really important for you to schedule some makeup time with the coach before your next lesson. Another good example would be like trying to learn trigonometry before mastering geometry, math or algebra…… its really almost impossible!

Self confidence and independence

Our goal is to foster self confidence and independence. Missing class can cause kids to lose ground gained in confidence and independence. Professional coaches are trained to intentionally create the best learning environment. This includes grouping and separating kids from each other to optimize the learning experience. Please cooperate with the coaches so that they can succeed. It has been proved that teaching sailing to a husband and wife together is counter productive. The same can be true with certain adolescent and pre-adolescent peer groups. Our coaches follow common sense and US SAILING recommended methods to do their best for your children.

How can kids learn to sail?

Here at Hatteras Sailing, we are excited to welcome the first season with a fully certified coaching staff. Each of our three professional coaches are certified and experienced in proven coaching and teaching methods. The following is a link to some of the methodology of current US SAILING program curriculum and progressions that are developed by some of the best and most experienced sailors and educators of our time! US Sailing has adapted this curriculum over decades of experience. Our program on Hatteras can be highly effective and rewarding for Hatteras Youth if parents and coaches can work together to follow these proven methods.

Congratulations everyone who is registered and participating in the first Summer 2022 Sailing session! We look forward to the independence and sailing skills you will see growing in your kids.