Repeat of last week’s fun adventure


With a little twist

The Graveyard Beach

Last week, we sailed out on Stiletto with the optis following. We went to the little beach just around the corner south of the canal.

This week, the plan is to explore the Graveyard Beach which is just a little farther south after we exit Mill Creek. The wind is supposed to be light. More advanced sailors will sail optimists and beginner sailors will be assigned on the Stiletto with parents and Coach Jay.

Weather Update

The weather is likely quite nice on Saturday. Sunday shows higher winds, but decreasing through the day. Our hope is that we will be able to sail on Sunday, but just in case, we have flipped the groups. Last week, the Sunday group was not able to go sailing at all. That group is moved to Saturday this week to make sure they make it out.

**As always: if this doesn’t work for you, just text Coach Jay at 252-999-9659 and I am sure we can accommodate you.

** Please: If we left you off either list, please do not be upset, just text us which day works best for you.

Route to the Graveyard Beach south of Mill Creek

2pm Saturday Group

2pm Saturday
Noah PhillipsElla Quidley
Marilyn MackAnne Mitchell Snead
Claire MackElla Snead
Nancy Snead
Beau PhillipsRory Quigley
Conner HakolaJoey Lettieri
Gilliam Shisler
Evan Hakola
Saturday May 1st, 2021

1pm Sunday

1pm Sunday
Ellis GaskinsNeimiah Crum
Nova FormanAmos Fulcher
Beau PhillipsAnders Vetter
Conner HakolaHunter Everheart
Noah PhillipsElle Everheart
Max Syrrist
Annie Peters
Noah Hammack

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