Week 1 of Opti Beginner, 420 and Opti Race Team

We are so excited it’s finally time to start our summer programs! To kick off this week, we will be getting swim tests checked off. This is vital for us to feel confident having the kids around the water. We will be doing our swim test at the Kinnakeet Shores Pool in Avon. So, this week, please drop them off at two and pick them up from the pool at 5.

We follow the US Sailing guidelines for swim tests. The test requires all sailors to be dressed in sailing gear. So, whatever they plan to sail in, they need to wear, including their shoes during the test. The test will consist of a 25-yard swim with no lifejacket. Then they must tread water for a minute. After the minute is over, the coaches will pass the kids their lifejackets and have to put them on in the water. Once we have done the swim test, we will have a chalk talk and play in the pool.

Please have the kids bring water, sunscreen, sailing clothes, shoes that stay on their feet (old tennis shoes, Chacos, Keens, Crocs in adventure mode. The soft bottom “water shoe” is not the best option), snack, lifejacket, towel, reasonably sized pool toys to play with after the test, anything else they personally need.