Winter Sailing – Sat Oct 24

Hi Parents,
Tomorrow’s weather looks great for some extended time on the water.  I want to split the day up into 3 tiers.   The Teen Group will still be at 2 pm at the marina on 40181 Bonito Road in Avon.

9:00 am – Setup and maintenance time on the boats.  Volunteers needed and welcomed.

11:30 am – Beginners.  For all those who need to learn the basics of sailing out and back, trimming in for upwind, basic tacking and generally getting use to the boats and sailing alone in a boat.  

2:00 pm – Teens.  Our older larger kids.  Great news we have in hand a college/high school team boat know as the Flying Junior.  It is often used instead of the 420 in local club programs and is great for bigger kids.  We need volunteers during the week to get it ready for next weekend.  Lots of sanding.  We also have a Hobie 18 that will be great for bigger kids needing help to refurbish.  Money for parts, rigging, supplies as well as sweat labor are needed badly!  Meanwhile you all will be scrunched into the Optis tomorrow.

4:00 pm – Kids who were involved for the Fall Session and have some good basic understanding of the boats and would like to be pushed to the next level.  We will setup some marks out in the sound and practice course roundings with some breaks for special technique training.
My hope is to tow the kids out on their optis tomorrow into the open sound.  Wind is predicted to be about 5 – 7 knots North switching to 7 knots from the South later in the day..  They can play in the water and practice righting boats if the wind stops completely.  Warm weather, cool water. Wetsuits recommended, but we can light a beach bonfire to huddle the chilly ones around if they get cold.

Thats the plan.  Hope to see you all there tomorrow.  Please contact me if you are willing to help with logistics, boats, campfire, and general all round helping hands…  

Note.  We have a Sponsorship Flyer coming together. We need help finalizing the Gold, Silver, Bronze benefits definitions and then need to get on finding sponsors please.  We need at least $1500 more to dress up the old optis so they have tiller extensions, uniform rigging, new sails and that we return them in really nice condition at the end of the Spring Session.  We also need our own boats and need to raise money for this or business sponsors who will buy boats.  This is great stuff for our kids, whether they know it or not, it will carry through their entire life as one of their best memories ever. Who knows maybe some will make it to College Varsity, Americas Cup and Olympics and go on to be top worldwide paid professional sailors!!!!  This is exactly where we plant the seeds.
I will post this to the website and facebook page as well right now.
Warm Regards,

Jay M. Phillips

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