Ocracoke Sailing Expo

Ocracoke Demo Day

Growing sailing interest and competition regionally and helping our neighbors

Our club owes its success in no small part to Colington Yacht Club’s generous loan of 7 Optis to kickstart our program. Let’s pay it forward and help our neighbors in Ocracoke get started this upcoming season.

A few local residents of Ocracoke have reached out to us for help getting started. What better way to motivate their group and peak the interest of the youth than having a mini-regatta sailing expo on Ocracoke in Silver Lake. This expo is the first step we can take to help our neighbors on Ocracoke launch a junior’s program.

Top 6 Reasons to Participate in the Ocracoke Sailing Expo

  1. Ocracoke is always fun: Who doesn’t like a trip to Ocracoke? I know my family enjoys the shops, restaurants, camping, and off roading down the beach.
  2. More competition and more resource: More local clubs means more competition and more resource. If we can get the four local Outer Banks locations all sailing the same one design classes, we can pool our resources and grow our sailor’s skills through more local competition. Hatteras Sailing is working with Colington, Manteo, and Ocracoke to see if we can cooperate and form a local yacht racing association similar to the CBYRA.
  3. Sailing on Silver Lake: One of my favorite things about sailing is going to new and exciting places to sail. For our kids, sailing a small course in Silver Lake (Ocracoke’s Protected Harbor) would be a lot of fun for the kids. Its an ideal location for Junior Sailors to practice and learn sailing because it is large enough and really well protected from the open Sound.
  4. Sharing Your Positive Experiences: It would be a great time to meet new friends or re-acquaint with old friends that live on Ocracoke. Residents there have apparently been interested in having some sort of Junior Sailing Program for quite some time. Come share your feedback and experience with parents and sailing enthusiasts in Ocracoke.
  5. Get on a Boat and out on the water: If you want to sail, we have plenty of boats we can bring for ages 6 – 88 and greatly encourage you to get on one of the boats and participate. Phillips Boatworks has one Stiletto already positioned in Ocracoke as the spectator’s boat. Parents, grandparents, and friends are all welcome to come aboard the spectator/committee boat and watch the racing. After a couple one design races, there will be opportunities for new sailors to sail along with an experienced skipper.
  6. Make the most of the weather while it lasts: the winter can be long and hard on Hatteras. Make the most of our last few weekends of good weather. It going to be perfect sailing weather on Saturday.

Have fun, help out your club and your neighbors

Please help us pay it forward this weekend in Ocracoke. Sailing will start at about noon on Saturday, November 20. Detailed schedule is in the works. We will trailer the boats over on the ferry and launch them in Silver Lake.

Interested? Sign up here.

If you would like to participate – sailing or spectating, please text us at 252-999-9659 or email us via the form here.

    Ocracoke Sailing Expo: Detailed Schedule of Events

    ** NOTE: every sailor must have a fitting life jacket. If you do not have one, please let us know in the sign up form so we can bring one in your size.

    Where and when to meet

    Location details: where to park and were to meet
    • If you are towing a trailer, please aim for the 7am ferry to Ocracoke. There is another event happening that day so ferry traffic could be a factor.
    • If you are not towing a trailer, please plan to be on the 9am ferry at the latest so we are at the event by 10am and can get all the boats rigged up. Remember, even if you are sailing 420, the coaches need help setting up and unloading the Optis. You may be asked to ‘double duty’ and do a little Opti sailing demonstration also.
    • The event will begin at 12pm noon on the little beach area just on the other side of the NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching (the white building behind the ferry dock).

    12pm noon: Rigged & Ready– Hatteras team will launch 2x the number of 420s than we have 420 teams.

    • Each Hatteras 420 sailor will skipper short rides with the interested Ocracoke sailors who are size / age appropriate for the 420 class as an introduction sail. 
    • If there are sailors from Ocracoke who are capable and wiling crew after the demo sail, they are welcome to participate as crew in the expo regatta time, This would increase the starting fleet of 420s by having Ocracoke sailors as crew. 
    • Optimist sailors will demonstrate sailing for Optimist class candidates. Interested Ocracoke sailors will be invited to get in an Opti and steer around without sails (if the weather permits). Hatteras Optimists will participate in the demo-regatta.

    2-3pm start: Expo Regatta – The Hatteras sailors will participate in a mini-demo regatta.

    • With a goal of 3 races around the marks
    • Last whistle at 4:30pm due to early sunset

    4:30pm start: De-rig / trailer – Hatteras sailors and members will derig and tailer the boats. As soon as the boats are rigged we will head over to the brewery.

    6pm: Social at the brewery– I think the brewery is set to be open so we are planning to head over there for the post-race social so we can mix with the Ocracoke folks, do a little sharing time Q&A for the parents, and just get to know them. 

    Sailing Instructions: The Race Course

    We will set out a simple and short upwind, downwind, upwind finish racecourse just as we do in most of our practices.

    420 start will be called first for each race, then the Optimist start. We will race concurrently on the same course.

    Get excited!

    Do a little background research before the event

    For Ocracoke Sailors, if you are interested in learning more, about the sailboat racing, check out this cool series of Videos produced for the 36th America’s Cup:

    Know the Game Video Series

    Interested? Sign up here.

    If you would like to participate – sailing or spectating, please text us at 252-999-9659 or email us via the form here.

      The conditions were windier than we expected, but the turnout was excellent. Ocracoke had a large group interested in sailing with somewhere around 18 total students from Ocracoke, 10 for Optimist and 8 for 420.

      Hatteras 420 Sailors spent most of the day sailing silver lake taking Ocracoke sailors on demo rides, including some adults and even the high school principal.

      Meg Phillips, from Hatteras Sailing, and Thurston Sumner, from Ocracoke, spent the afternoon in the shallow water giving Ocracoke optimist sailors a chance to learn to steer and pilot and opti without sails and introducing the proper posture and movements involved in a tack.

      Beau Phillips, a 7 year old Hatteras Sailor, sailed optimist inviting interested Ocracoke Opti sailors aboard for sails around Silver Lake.

      Altogether this was a very lovely event. Hatteras Sailing is grateful for the new friendships and looking forward to attending regattas next year with our new Ocracoke Sailing friends!


      **photo credit: Brandi Bullock

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