Beginner Sailing Program

Exciting fun planned each week in beginner sailing

  • Beginner’s Program – Week 1 Pool Party
    Swimming Pool Fun Chalk Talk Why is swimming important to sailing? Did you know that being a confident swimmer is part of sailing? Did you know that little sailboats can capsize and be righted? Get in the water swimming practice evaluation referrals to swim lessons between sailing sessions Parents & Members Parents: Kids need to […]
  • Beginner’s Program – Week 1 Island Party
    Welcome Party – big boat sailing All kids, parents, siblings are invited Let’s have a party to kick off the Summer Fun! Plan is to sail two Stilettos and take the powerboats out to the graveyard island for a swimming party with snacks and fun games.
  • Beginner’s Program – Week 2 Capsize Recovery
    Capsize recovery The goal here is to take the fear out of capsizing, we want every aspect of sailing to be fun, so we get everyone comfortable in the water, and righting their boat.  Then it’s all just a game! We’ll involve some treasure to make it even more fun!
  • Beginner’s Program – Week 3 Lagoon pirates capture the flag
    Boat Parts Chalk Talk 1. Play Game: Swabee, Get to work The captain draws an opti on chalk board, and asks the swabee to “mop” the deck, etc as a fun game to learn the boat parts Point to parts of boat and Kids point to them on it by asking them to do boat […]
  • Beginner’s Program – Week 4 Bubble Boats & Hidden treasures
    Wind Direction and Speed Chalk Talk What is the wind? can we see the wind? How? How can we talk about wind direction? learning cardinal directions: North South East West If we say a “north” wind, which direction would that be? Upwind vs. downwind Get in the water 1. Play boat game: Bubble Boats This […]
  • Beginner’s Program – Week 5 Treasure hunters sail for gold
    Boat Handling Chalk Talk Boat part review Wind review How the boat parts and wind work together What happens when we pull mainsheet, push tiller, how can we avoid the boom? Mainsheet Tiller Boom Get in the water Treasure Hunters Sailing Game Kids in boats with sails in light wind (no sails in heavy winds). […]
  • Beginner’s Program – Week 6 Lagoon sailing capture the flag
    Boat Handling Part 2 Chalk Talk – review Engage kids in discussion of last weeks sailing and what they learned in action while handling their own boats. Review boat parts and handling. Introduce the idea of sail trim based on upwind vs downwind. How were you able to get the boat where you wanted it […]

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We’ve put together an exciting and fun curriculum for our beginner summer sailing. The goal for beginner sailors is to get prepared to graduate to solo sailing in a later season. Sailors are focused on learning the following important concepts and skills.

  • grow swimming skills and confidence
  • learn the boat parts and terminology
  • learn to find the wind and discuss the wind direction and speed
  • become comfortable righting the boat without sails
  • build friendships & have fun

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